Bovada Online Casino With Food Fight Pays

Now, it is time for the Bovada online casino to congratulate their tow latest jackpot winners, who nearly took 1 million dollars on two of the most popular video games of all time. These were mainly the video slot games, which have a classic fan following for ages now.

It was the Paul D from Boston, who was stated as the much bigger winner. He ended up with a richer amount of $808,529.80, playing the food fight. He was known to have wagered $11.25. After that, he landed at five pudding symbols on active pay line. It was the right time, when he hits the huge jackpot.

Other additions to work on:

Food fight was from the Real time Gaming, and it has more than just the mere jackpots, over here. The symbols, which are located on reels, are known as typical items, which are mostly used in food fights. Some of the examples are burgers, tomatoes, and ice cream and cream pies. You will even come across two bonus games, as part of this new gambling venture.

Whenever you land on an ice cream, cone and chocolate sauce symbols, then these will combine to form your complete ice cream. This will provide you with bonus payout, as well. After that, the bonus on the second screen is then triggered whenever you come across the same method, but this time for a cherry pie.

You even have the liberty to click and select a person, on whom; you want to throw the cherry pie. If you can hit it correctly, then you get the chance to win your bonus amount. But, if you fail, then you have no other option but to return empty handed.

The next big video slot:

Apart from the first video slot, the next one was a recent release. It has already growing popularity within a short span of time. And by playing this slot game, Rock H won an amazing amount of $127,331.38. This machine was named as A Night with Cleo. Here, the player is asked to spin the wheel with a bet of $20. After that, he is quite lucky to hit the current random progressive jackpot.

This slot machine comprises of queen in various seductive avatars. If you hit the Cleopatra symbol, then it provides you with direct jackpot payout of $10,000 coins. And this can only be done when you can align five Cleos on pay line.

End up with other steps:

Instead of five, if you can clear three scattered symbols of Cleopatra in one pay line, that you lead you to her private bath. Here, you get the chance to win 15 spins, and the payouts are tripled. You are likely to grow personal tryst with her in Double Up feature. This you can activate, only after winning the spin.

She will hold lotus in her hands, and you have to pick one. If you choose, the lotus with gold inside, then your payout will be doubled. After then, Cleopatra will entice you by removing one garment.

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