Biggest Sectors In The Gambling Industry

The gambling industry has become such big business in recent times with it reported that a quarter of us will gamble in our lifetime as some point. Because of this, the industry has seen the birth of many sub-sectors and alternative ways for us consumers to be able to gamble and try and produce a profit. Because of this, we’ve done a bit of research into which areas of the gambling industry are the most lucrative for both consumers and the industry operators.

The biggest industry leader and one that has only come onto the market in the past decade has been that of remote gambling. Online gambling has only been able to be a thing due to the rapid advancements that technology has taken in recent times and now the remote gambling sub-sector is reportably worth $5.5 billion which is astonishing for an industry that wasn’t available just a couple years ago. This has been split between, betting, bingo and casino being the biggest segment of this sub-sector.

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One area of the industry that used to be the industry leader before online came around was that of gambling machines which are mainly located in pubs, clubs or restaurants and have since seen a decrease in numbers during recent times and is now worth roughly £2.5 billion. Although this seems like quite a credible source of money for the industry, this number used to be astronomical with many backs in the day before online gambling queuing up to use the slot machine in the pub with their extra change. This is a sub-sector that we expect to decrease even further as time goes on. And finally, land-based betting shops and casino are the final biggest segment in the industry with their being 98,174 total employees in the UK for these types of sties, over 18,000 betting shops and casinos and with the totally gross gambling yield of the industry in the UK being £14.3 billion, they certainly contribute a lot to this. Although online gambling will eventually take over this due to being in the digital age, these were the locations in which the industry was born.

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