Most profitable starting hands and jargon buster for Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the best all time casino games, it’s a fun and rather simple game to understand. The idea of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand and you win cash! Easy right…? Well you should be a bit more astute than that. There are plenty of online casino bonus where you can try your luck but beforehand, take a look at our introductory guide on the most profitable hands to ensure you know when to double up or when to stick.

Here is some other blackjack jargon that may help you go and beat the house.

Hard Hand

  1. When you have ace but you can potentially bust, so for example you get 6, 7 and Ace (14) so it’s valued automatically at 1 so you cannot bust
  1. It’s also known as a hand without having Ace and has a higher value of 12 and more

Soft Hand

  1. The exact opposite of a hard hand, if you have Ace and it’s either 1 or 11, therefore you cannot        go bust when you get additional card drawn from the pack
  1. A Soft-17, this is a pretty good start… so a hand that includes Ace (which is 11) and then any cards that combines to 6 on top so it totals 17.


Otherwise known as drawing. This is when you want to add another card from the dealer. This instruction can usually be given using different signs such as, a nod or knock on the table.


This is when you do not want any more cards, for example you might be on 18 and the dealer has a poor starting card.


Insurance is something you do not see too often, it’s a way of insuring yourself against the dealer because if the dealer gets a blackjack. You can lose all your money or all the chips in your hand.

For example, the dealer has dealt himself an Ace and you have 9 and a king.  So before the next hand is being dealt you can bet up to half your bet as insurance (effectively betting that the dealer has blackjack) which is usually a separate line above where you normally bet, and insurance pays 2:1. Of course it’s an optional bet so you do have to do it and is only available where the dealer’s exposed card is an ace.

So if the dealer pulls a blackjack you will have lost your original bet, however the good news is you have cut your loss by winning your insurance bet.


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