How to Keep the Odds in Your Favour In Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in any casino. Whether you go into a bricks and mortar casino, the blackjack tables will always be full of customers, while the game is now accessible online 24/7 with a number of different variants of the game on offer.


The most common form of Blackjack people play is the classic version. If you enjoy placing outside bets though or you are looking for alternative ways to put down your chips on the table, you are well catered for nowadays. Betway has 24 different versions of blackjack on their casino site, including a live game where a real dealer is streamed onto the player’s screen. All of these games on the site can be played in free play mode first so you can give them a try before committing your own bankroll.Blackjack can now be played from wherever it suits you as long as you have a compatible smartphone for gaming or access to a computer. 

Here are some useful tips for making sure the odds remain in your favour in the game which hopefully gives you the best chance of being successful.

Dealer’s upcard

It is very important to use the dealer’s upcard to make a decision on whether you stand or hit in blackjack. This one card will tell you a lot about what kind of position the dealer is in at that point in the game. If their card is a 10, Jack, Queen, King or Ace, they are sitting very strong. They are only one card away from hitting 20 or 21. This then means you have to be aggressive with your hand and take any necessary risks to try and get as close to 21 as possible. On the other hand, if the dealer has a six or lower, the dealer is vulnerable – therefore you should avoid hitting when the odds indicate you are more likely to bust. It is best at this point to stand and let the dealer try to play out their hand.

Double Down

In blackjack you are able to double your initial bet after your cards are dealt. If choose to double down though, you are only allowed one more card from the pack, at that point you have to stand on your total. Knowing when to double down is important. The best time to do so is if you have 11 from your initial two cards. There are more cards in the pack that are to the value of 10 than any other. Therefore you have a strong chance of reaching 21. It is also worth considering the dealer’s upcard when making your decision. If they have a six or less, it gives you a little bit of an insurance in case you don’t get the card you wanted.

Splitting Pairs

If you are dealt a pair in your starting hand, you have the option to split the hand. To do this, you will need to match your initial stake – you will then effectively be playing two hands against the dealer. The best pair to split is 8s. Together you have 16 which leaves you vulnerable. If you stand on the total, the dealer only needs 17 to beat you, while if you hit on 16, the chances are you will bust your score.

The one set of pairs you should not split are 10s. Together they total 20 which is enough to win most hands in blackjack. You would be unlucky to lose from this position. Splitting the two cards will probably put you in a weaker position.

Enjoy The Games And Learn From Your Mistakes


Finally, remember that the more blackjack you play, the more experience you will gain. You will instinctively know when to hit and stand. You will no doubt make mistakes along the way and there will be times where you make the right call but the cards still go against you. As long as you enjoy it though and have some success along the way, you will keep coming back for more.

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