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There are many people in the world: smart, nice, well-educated, hardworking, lazy, cheerful. But some of them are gambling. So, what can they do with their passion? For such people casinos have been created.

The first known European casino was opened in Italy in 1638. The Great Council of Venice wanted to control gambling during the time of carnival season. However, it was closed in 1770, because it impoverished local people. Since then casinos appeared all over the world.

Play Casino

Nowadays there are thousands of casinos in different countries around the world. The most popular casinos are situated in Singapore, the USA, and Monaco. Most of them have their own culture and dress code. Not every person is allowed to enter inside. However, they are visited by millions of people every year. These people love to have gamble from time to time. They just come, play, drink some whisky or champagne, communicate with their friends and have fun. At least half of them are addicted. Such people come to get some adrenaline, like people who do base-jumping or something like this. They come again and again, sometimes they win, sometimes lose. But they can’t stop to play. So, what do they play?

Among popular card games are Black Jack, Poker Three Card Poker, Let It Red, Baccarat and Pai Gow Poker. Also people play dice games such as Craps. Bingo, different lotteries and slot machines are in top of favourite games, too. And the most well-known and lovely game is Roulette. It’s a kind of a wheel game. The rules are very simple. Players buy chips and put them on the table. The table has got numbers 0-36 and 00 and some other additional positions. Then the wheel is spinned around by the dealer and after that, a ball is thrown in a counter. The ball places in a numbered slot on the wheel. Finally, the bets with the same number and additional betting win.

No less popular these days are online casinos. For example, They were created for people, who don’t have time or mood for going out, but they still have much gamble and want to get easy money. Everything what they need is a computer and the Internet.

So, if you are a really gambling person, just put on your tuxedo or a cocktail dress, take your credit card or some cash, or make a cup of coffee and sit in front of your computer and enjoy!

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